Zebrano – dining table

dining table zabrano massive hard exotic wood kitchen steel base industrial design tauruswood

Size: 178 x 85 x 4,2 cm

Table height: according to the selected base, here 78 cm

Finish: multilayer varnish, matt. Possibility to adjust to gloss

Zebrano or zebrawood is very hard and heavy wood, which is unique in its structure and pattern. The color of the wood changes from orange to dark brown, the texture of the wood is supplemented by lighter and darker stripes. Zebrawood originates from Brazil, today grows predominantly in southwestern Cameroon and Central Africa.

Price: 790,- € (depends on selected base)

Walnut – dining table

dining table walnut luxury tauruswood design industrial epoxy resin kitchen hard massive wood

Size: 198 x 83 x 4,5 cm

Table height: according to the selected base, here 78 cm

Finish: natural cracks are filled by an epoxy resin. Multilayer varnish, mat or shine

The walnut tree is very decorative and has an interesting structure, so it is used for first-class furniture. Its wood is prized by fine woodworkers for its durability, lustre and chatoyance, and is used for high-end flooring, guitars, furniture, veneers, knobs and handles as well as gunstocks.

Price: 680,- € (depends on selected base)

Iroko – dining table

dining table luxury epoxy resin design tauruswood quality handmade

Size: 164 x 79 x 75 cm

Thickness of the table desk: 4,5 cm

Finish: an epoxy resin, multilayer varnish

Iroko is medium hard, tough and hard wood from tropical Africa. Iroko is valued in the production of high quality furniture and exterior carpentry, widely used in the construction of ships, boats and water structures.

Price: 900,- €

Padouk – dining table

dining table padouk quality tauruswood hard massive wood steel base industrial epoxy resin

Size: 190 x 100 x 4,7 cm

Table height: according to the selected base, here 79 cm

Finish: an epoxy resin, multilayer varnish

Padouk is wood from the tropical tree Pterocarpus, a rare tree that is not so much available in Europe. Wood is very heavy and has a high strength, its extra abrasion resistance makes it an excellent material for top floors. It is used mainly for the production of furniture and musical instruments. It features its coral red to reddish-brown color, which is exceptional and unique. This woody species is mainly found in tropical Africa in Angola, Guinea, Gabon and Nigeria.

Price: 1090,- € (depends on selected base)

Spruce fire – dining table

dining table style design burn flames spruce industrial steel base tauruswood

Size: 190 x 97 x 5 cm

Table height: according to the selected base, here 79 cm

Finish: flame tanning, grinding, epoxy resin, multilayer varnish. Using an epoxy resin cause surface is completely smooth. It is possible to leave a brushed surface, where the harder parts of wood remain elevated above the surface

A spruce tree is located almost everywhere in Europe. Wood is used to equip interiors, frames and frames, home floor coverings, in general in carpentry and joinery. The color is from almost white to light yellowish brown with natural shine

Price: 560,- € (depends on selected base)